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typographic pillows

Check out these French style typographic burlap pillows from the PetitCoterie Etsy Shop.  They seem to add that simple touch to your living room... or start one heck of a stylish pillow fight...



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Boston Bliss

What do ginormous, chocolate covered strawberries (or cranberries), the very first downtown/urban shopping experience, a newer version of Cheers (R.I.P. original Cheers, aka The Bull & Finch Pub), & LindseyBee's all-time favorite place ever have in common?  Take a guess?  They're all nested in the heart of Boston in the ever-so-wonderful, Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  If you ever get the blessed opportunity to visit Boston, this would be where most would suggest be your central meeting place.  Why is this place so ... captivating?  Okay... pull your senses together.  There's just something about the smell of salt water in the air, the sound sea gulls yacking above (if one craps on you, it's good luck... i think), the sight of every amazing retail store you can think of, the hustle & bustle of the marketplace atmosphere, & feeling so small, yet so empowered by the towering buildings enclosing around you that takes you to your happy place.  Yes, it's love at first sight.


Faneuil Hall is split up into four parts — Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market & South Market (more or less to serve as the compass of the area).  If you ever want (or in my case, NEEED) to plan a trip to Boston, most will tell you to put Faneuil Hall on your to-do list.  Although I typically prefer to check out the local hangout spots when I travel, Faneuil Hall tends to be an exception (stay tuned for a more local spin on Boston in future posts, by the way).  I always recommend this place to be one of, if not THE first destinations within Boston; it sort of gets your feet wet to the Boston experience. Boston is extremely rich in culture, history, art, food--Faneuil Hall displays it all. 


WHEN you visit Boston, & THEN you visit Fanueil Hall, sneak into Quincy Market & reward yourself with a chocolate covered strawberry/cranberry from Kilvert & Forbes bakery... & maybe take a stroll inside Quincy Market & buy yourself a Boston t-shirt (unless you're too cool to be a tourist).  You're also in luck if you love seafood because Quincy Market has plenty of it, as well as a multitude of other food offerings (for you Foodies out there).  I Am In Love With The Boston Chowda.  Also check out the Boston & Maine Fish Co. stall for the best fried scallops (as far as "touristy" places go), although it's a bit pricey for what you get.  But any seafood is worth the price, I always say...


If you're a military & history guru, the third floor of the Faneuil Hall is home to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company Museum.  This company is the oldest military organization in the US, so it's very interesting to gaze through the museum's collection. 

As said before, this is a heavily touristy area... so if you are claustrophobic, hate large crowds, feel the rhinoceric (<--made up word of the day) urge to charge into others to get out of your way, this MAY not be the place for you.  For me, places like this are exciting... & I usually don't feel the rhinoceric urge to charge into someone (unless they're taking the last chocolate covered strawberry).  The people watching is noteworthy... definitely bring a journal to write down what you see, you'll laugh later... or be inspired; either way, write it all down.  There are a swarm of local talents, including juggling, mimes (mostly not creepy), magicians, bands, etc.  Although, I'm sure these talents don't fill the area during the winter months... I'm sure people just build snowmen, or something, which is always fun.  

In the middle of all of this memorable excitement, as you're eating something delicious, you'll remember you're among downtown Boston, look up, & see all of the historical buildings surrounding you.  In that moment, you'll pull your just-lived experiences together & begin to understand the foundation of the charm that is Boston.  Bon Voyage!


couldn't have said it better myself

One of my newest friends recently posted on her blog, "Being a Hepburn in a Hilton World", & I couldn't have written this better myself.  Audrey Hepburn has become one of the most influential people the world's ever come to know.  So, I ask you to please give this a read.  Audrey would have been proud--Good job, Emmy! 





"I was asked to act when I couldn't act.  I was asked to sing 'Funny Face' when I couldn't sing, & dance with Fred Astaire when I couldn't dance - & do all kinds of things I wasn't prepared for.  Then I tried like mad to cope with it."  -Audrey Hepburn



start spreading the news

WITH V-Day around the corner (or birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, ETC.), I thought I'd show an idea that may make a unique gift for someONE or bunches of someONES.  Scrapbooks CAN be fun.  Yes... I said it--they CAN be fun.  So, if you're like me & want these sort of projects to be as simple as possible, yet look like you put some thought into them (which can sometimes make the simple project more complicated, but we'll pretend that never happens), then these ideas may strike your fancy.

I went to New York City a couple of years ago, & wanted to make a scrapbook for those I went with.  I tried to think of ways to make it unique from the rest I've made in the past.  So, as I'm sitting at my desk brainstorming & listening to Frank Sinatra's, "New York, New York", something clear as a bell hit me (are you putting 2&2 together here?).

I thought it would be cool (& simple) to... well... simply write the "New York, New York" lyrics throughout the book; one line per page.  Although it's always good to record/journal what happened, it can sometimes become repetitive when that's how every scrapbook of yours is made.  I can appreciate journaling; however, it's sometimes fun to switch it up a bit, as well.  There's something about matching a scrapbook to a song that makes a srapbook come to life; it adds charm & personality.  With this said, it can add some sweet brownie points to your gift, or even add a liveliness to your own collection.

I apologize for the glossy page covers, but you can get an idea of what I mean in my pictures below.  I also apologize for getting this song stuck in your head after you read/"sing" through the pages.








I can't stress enough how simple this was to make.  It took about a week to complete, rather than months (which is normal time for me... not sure how your scrapbook-making timeline rolls out... maybe I am just painfully slow) simply because the wording was already laid out for me amongst the pages.  Simple enough?  SO, let me know if you have any ideas along with these, or if you've done something similar to this...maybe we'll come up with a way to make a scrapbook in TWO DAYS!

If you're internal "New York, New York" song doesn't tune in, click the link.... <Frank Sinatra, "New York, New York"> again, you're welcome... & dream you're in NYC... siiighh...


it's hip to sip

I PROMISE my next post will not be about coffee;  I saw these items & had to share.  I guess I'm sort of off the hook because these items represent my love for typography, as well... right?  Good.  So, if you're a nerdy graphic designer (<-- there is Nothing wrong with this) who enjoys a nice cup-o-joe, & either #1 Garamond or #2 Helvetica font, these mugs would be perfect for you to use.  I recently purchased the coasters in picture #3, & they are flippin' Awesome (that is, if you're into the coaster thing... maybe you're a coaster nerd, too).


These mugs below are by far the coolest thing I've ever seen (except for the Coloseum & real gelato ice cream).  My co-worker told me about these, so she's a genius for finding them.  They're from England, so... that just must mean they're even more awesome.  I think these were designed for those of us with memories of a goldfish, because I can never remember what color my cream with coff -- I mean, my *coffee with cream -- looks like.  With that said, these seem to be pretty handy.  AND, if you read my previous post, you'll notice that I INCLUDED the cup of *tea for those not interested in coffee.  You're welcome.




Has anyone seen items like these elsewhere? Let me know, because I'm always on the lookout for trendy coffee outfits.

 Don't laugh at my extra cheesy quote below, but, Hello?? ... it totally fits....

"Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!"  ~Author Unknown



I thought I would start my blog with how I start my day: with a (little) coffee love.  For those of you around the Cincinnati area, if you haven't checked out the ever-so-fabulous Coffee Emporium, I highly recommend it.  The location I visit is just off of Erie Avenue in Hyde Park.  Not only do they carry the best tasting coffee, but they also have a nice collection of tea.  I've personally never tried their tea; therefore, I can't give an accurate opinion of it because I simply don't enjoy tea... I definitely try, and fail every time (the only time I drink tea is when I lose my voice from yelling at my two cats too much, and there's nothing else that will give back my yelling abilities!).  With that said, for those of you not interested in coffee ( comprendo), there is something for you, as well.  

They also carry a neat & unique variety of chocolates & fun snacks to enjoy with your coffee (or tea).  One of my favorites among their selection are the Chocolate Mexicano discs by Tazo Chocolates... SO DELICIOSO.

For those of you who have visited the Emporium, I'm sure you've tried (or at least heard about) their famous Belgian-style waffles.  Let Me Just Say, OH.EM.GEE.  It's one of the dominating smells greeting you through the door... SSIIGGH.  The mouth-watering chocolate chip waffle with whipped cream and syrup is... simply amazing... no other words can describe it.  I'm making myself hungry for one just thinking about it... this is not good... I'm trying to cut back on the chocolate... I wonder if they would deliver one to me?  Should I start thinking about other things besides coffee and chocolate... and waffles... and cats?  Geez.


Their Guatemalan (Full City Blend) coffee is wonderful (one of the few coffees I can drink with no cream or sugar!).  When you walk in, they may have the Guatemalan already brewed; otherwise, you'd have to try some of their other blends they would have featured for the day, in which case you wouldn't be disappointed in their other selections (their featured coffees are held in the coffee pots in my picture above).  Or, better yet, you can ask to have the Guatemalan (or whichever blend you'd prefer) ground to take home to brew yourself. 


 The baristas are extremely friendly, helpful, & knowledgeable; they help you with anything you may need (for instance, tell you what an automatic drip coffee maker is without judging you... not that I asked that question, I totally knew what an automatic drip coffee maker was).


This is an especially great place to visit during the warm months--you can sit outside with a nice book, bring your dog (maybe share some of your waffles with him/her... doubt that will happen for you), chat with some peeps, etc.  It's equally nice to cozy on upstairs during the chilled months, as well.  Check this place out, and leave comments or any sweet experiences you've had at the Emporium...

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