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Free Printable Calligraphy Gift Tags

Hey, remember last year when I created some fun calligraphy gift tags for you to download? Well, guess what? They're still available for download! Sneak on over here if you plan on wrapping & gifting your hearts away this weekend & will be in need of something lovely to add to your gifts. You can also check them out on Babble, or if you'd like to see how I styled each tag, you can browse through here & see if anything gives you some fun ideas.

Enjoy, & hope everyone is having a joyous pre-Christmas week!


Desktop Calendar for December!

...three words that signify so much this Christmas season. My hope is we all remember the true Gift of Christmas, & celebrate this day, & each day, with grace & joy. 

Hope you enjoy!

To download, click on one of the below sizes, depending on your computer screen's monitor dimensions:

1280 x 800

1440 x 900

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1600


Limited Edition Calligraphy Print for the Christmas Spirit

I am excited for this new limited edition print that was just added to the shop today! It is in spirit of Christmas, yet I created it to remain simple enough to stay on your walls throughout the year. We should always be reminded of this simple message that's not only the spirit of Christmas, but also the spirit of bettering humanity & the world in which we live.

It's a special print & of limited quantity for now; as my dad has a limited supply of reclaimed wood to add to each print. 

This print has 2 strips of reclaimed wood to signify new beginnings & appreciate the idea of making things new.

It's printed on an egg white, slightly textured cardstock & I tried a new style of calligraphy with using gouache instead of ink to give the faint watercolor effect. 

I hope you like it, & if these go out of stock, still message me if you're interested in having one & I'll keep you updated when we've scavenged up some more reclaimed & old-timey wood to create with the print & add more to the shop!

OH Yea, & hop on over to the shop to receive 30% off all Art Prints (excluding custom prints & stamps) today only...including this new print, as well! Use code CHRISTMAS30 at checkout :)

Free shipping is being offered until midnight, as well for Custom orders--use code FREECUSTOMSHIP at checkout for those custom goodies!


Free Shipping in the Shop through December 2nd!

Free shipping on everything in the shop to celebrate this glorious shopping weekend! Use code, "FREESHIP13" at checkout, & happy shopping!

Stay tuned for some new products that will be introduced in the shop over the weekend. Hint: Christmas related. Naturally.

Stay safe & shop online, my friends ;)


Free Printable for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! I'm sure you're all baking & cooking away today in preparation for tomorrow. I know I surely am (not). Well, you all know that in most cases, there are always leftovers to be had & pass out to your family members after your big feast, so why not have a cute "leftovers" label to stick (or tape if you prefer to print on cute paper) on top of the tupperware containers to add a little loveliness to their take home meal?

To download, click here. I have a few sizes for you to choose from, as your containers may vary in size. I'd recommend printing on basic full label sheets for an easy stick, or print on cute paper & use some festive washi tape to seal the deal!

Let me know if you have questions with the download!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Wrapping Paper for Anthropologie!

I am SO excited to share a new project that's finally able to take surface (& let me tell ya, I've been acting like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come to share): when I was freelancing for Anthropologie, I designed a couple of wrapping paper sets for this Christmas season that are now available in most stores & online (the handwriting set is not yet available online, however)!

It was such a cool process to create something like this from scratch--I felt so blessed I even got to experience it this way & this closely. To spend so much time painting, writing, brainstorming, creating, illustrating, collecting inspiration, starting over, starting again, painting some more, jamming to Christmas music in July, scribing lyrics, illustrating some more, getting design approvals, sending off to the printer, sweating it off...& then to walk into an Anthropologie 4 months later to see it all packaged so perfectly under a Christmas tree was an indescribable feeling. It made the process feel so complete & gave me an immediate smile inside & out; a smile of relief & fulfillment (relief that the printer didn't mess anything up, & fulfillment to see something I had the chance to create in its completed form...& under a Christmas tree).

I will never forget creating these, & am still so very thankful I was blessed with the opportunity to create them & see them in the store. To create something that will be used during such a beautiful & giving time of year is so special & downright kewl.

If you'd like to check them out, click here to see the watercolor set (note: I did not create the design with red circles in this set--this sheet was designed by an intern & is very adorable!). I will keep you posted when the handwriting set will be available online, but it is available in most stores! 


You can also check out a fun & quirky Christmas gift wrapping post on Anthro's blog from the creative director below! My watercolor/ornament pattern paper is shown throughout the post.

photo: from Anthro's blog

Lastly, Anthro's December Lookbook (you'll need to scroll down a bit to click on the Lookbook button) just came out today, & you'll see all of the wrapping paper available throughout the gorgeously styled pages if you're looking for some unique gift wrapping ideas. Here's a sneak peek:

photo from Anthro's December Lookbook

I hope you're enjoying your Christmas season so far, & hope these gift wrapping paper sets will make your gift wrapping extra fun this year! Check out all of the great wrapping sets here.

Countdown to Christmas: 33 days.

You're welcome.


Desktop Calendar for November!

Raise your hand if the day after Halloween you began listening to Christmas music? Yes, me, too. This month is a perfect reminder of the many blessings we have, I hope this simple message inspires you to be grateful for what this season is truly about. 

Hope you enjoy!

To download, click on one of the below sizes, depending on your computer screen's monitor dimensions:

1280 x 800

1440 x 900

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1600


Custom Maps for Christmas

It's true. I said Christmas before Halloween. 'Tis the season, though, for custom map illustrations to begin if you'd like to have one made for someone special by Christmas Eve! Can you believe we have to even think about Christmas gifts already? These whimsical little gifts take me about 4-6 weeks to illustrate & ship your way, so hop on over to my shop to learn more about how to get an custom order started, if this is something you feel someone would truly appreciate! You can email me here or send me a message through my Etsy shop here for specific questions or if you need help with ideas! 

I also introduced a new size, so you can now have the option to order an 8x10 or 11x14!

Here is a little inspiration to get you into the spirit.

You're welcome :)



Personalized Product Calligraphy Gift Tags

Here is a new way to add a final touch to a special gift--personalize it by creating your own "product" tags with quirky & sweet descriptions on how each item should be used! I had a pretty throw & quirky vase ready to gift to one of my best friend's for her wedding, & kept brainstorming how to make it unique, & thought, "how will she even use these gifts?" So, instead of writing a card, I cut out a couple of tags & wrote special & sweet ways she & her new hubby would use each item (you could also use this as an opportunity to drop hints to the new husband--giving flowers to your new wife, anyone?).

For the tags, I just used recycled kraft paper & wrote the names & description of each item in calligraphy & basic handwriting. Any handwriting would be just as adorable, as it would be a gift from you, specially!

Happy gifting!

Pretty Throw & Vase were purchased at Anthropologie over the summer. See similar here & here.


Calligraphy Signage for Anthropologie!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Easton Towne Center, made my way to Anthropologie, & to my surprise noticed some of the signage I assisted with a couple of months ago for Anthropologie. I kind of forgot about them for a while, so a warming smile overcame me as I saw it all come to life & to be styled so creatively. Such a cool feeling to see. So, if you browse through an Anthropologie during this Fall season, you may just stumble across some familiar calligraphy! Can't wait to share more with you over the next couple of months!

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