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Desktop Calendar for August!

It's about time, right? Please excuse my teeny delay--I'll share more on my recent studio move this week! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this lovely, summery desktop calendar (compliments of my mom's garden...shhh). It's hard to believe summer is nearing an end for 2013. Let's cheers to a fabulous remainder of our summer afternoons! 

Downloads for your screen size below:

1280 x 1024

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1600


Little Calligraphy Feature on Anthropologie's Instagram

If you follow Anthropologie on Instagram, you may have seen some familiar hands scribing their phrase, "ship-ship-hooray!" It felt cool to be a part of their little video, so you should go check it out!


On My Walk: My Old 'Hood

The other day, I decided to have a nostalgia day & explore my old neighborhood of 20 & Pine. I miss it dearly--I develop such a routine with where I live, so I've been having some daily withdrawals of my favorite daily spots, lately. Especially the "mini-Whole Foods" market known as "Food & Friends." Everybody is so friendly, & the interior felt like a modern-French bistro-organic mix. So, naturally, it was a pleasant little stop to grab simply & yummy foods.

After reminiscing (probably a bit too much), & being that I'm from the country, I realized how similar living on a "block" is to living in a small country town; you see familiar faces everywhere you go, you tend to stick to & support your local spots, &, more importantly, when you leave it & come back, it magically feels like home all over again. It's a comfortable feeling, & I love that. As though you'd defend it, do anything to help it, & welcome it to become a part of you always.


Calligraphy in Anthropologie's July Catalog!

I'm excited to share a project I worked on for Anthropologie! I can remember about 4 years ago browsing through one of their catalogs, coming across some pretty handwriting, & thinking to myself, "I would love to do this...if only!" Who knew it would actually happen. Life is funny in that way, isn't it? All full of surprises, & I'm very thankful for this good blessing of a project! This was so enjoyable for me to work on, & I can't wait to share some more exciting projects over the next few months!

So, if you're out & about, & near an Anthropologie, go grab a copy...or keep watch for it in your mailbox! There are a lot of great new items in the catalog to check out (yellow bedding, please?).




Alt Summit NYC

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sharon & I hiked up to New York City for Alt Summit. We found an adorable apartment through Airbnb (no longer legal in New York, however) to stay in rather than a hotel to add to our true city gal experience--we wanted to do this trip right & feel like true New Yorkers, & it was amazing. There was something real about waking up in a New York apartment, grabbing a cup of coffee at the local cafe, & taking the Metro like I had everyday--it was a unique getaway to pretend that lifestyle, even for just a moment.

The location for Alt Summit was at he Martha Stewart Omnidmedia Center, & the space was so open, bright, & “urbanly” beautiful (add that one to the dictionary, will ya?). Comparing to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, this set up felt more professional with a side of whimsy; whereas, Salt Lake City felt more whimsy than professional. Perhaps “conference” vs. “retreat” is better stated. I think both are valuable, with that said. Anyways, this location was so inspiring because you could definitely feel the New York City vibe everywhere you turned--a lot of big city gals, small town ladies (& gents), with big ideas & goals. One of the great things about conferences like this is, no matter whom you speak to, you leave feeling more inspired than before you met them. It’s a perfect recipe of an environment to mix with good company (from speakers to more personable “connections”) & leave feeling full; yet hungry for more. You can’t wait to get home, digest what you’ve learned, & try out some new ideas or branch off of blocked thoughts you couldn’t break through before.

We had an impromtpu photo shoot with photographer Justin Hackworth--he loved how colorful we all looked standing together. I think he was having just as much fun taking our photos as we were attempting to model! Ha!

I definitely held onto some solid phrases from the speakers that resonated with me, the direction I want to go, & other areas of life beyond “business-y stuff” that are important for us all to know, realize, &/or remember!

”Branch out but stay on the same tree,” Garance Dore of Garance Dore (good to remember when you have too many ideas & not sure where they belong on your path/philosophy of what you & your business stand for)

"You’re a business (even if you think you’re not): See what you’re doing wrong, what you’re time is worth, and how you can improve," Garance Dore of Garance Dore (you need to be truly aware of this if you want to take your "hobby" to the next level)

”Superwomen died of exhaustion,” Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom (important to keep in mind that it’s okay to not to do it all, even though that’s the default action to only relying on yourself. Learn to trust others’ help & not put too much on your plate for you to be stretched as thin as angel hair spaghetti)

"Try not to live your life as if it’s only for developing content for your blog," Grace Bonney (I've struggled with blogging every day, & realize it's okay not to & change back to a more simple way of life & let blog posts fall into place. In other words, quality over quantity)

I'm looking forward to reliving my "so New York life" again for next year's Alt Summit! What did you learn from Alt, whether you were able to go personally or virtually (via twitter, blog posts, etc.)?



desktop calendar for july!

Here is a new, refreshing, summery desktop calendar for you to download! Sizes available are below, but if you have a larger or smaller screen size, feel free to comment below with your desired monitor size & I'll add it to the download list!


1280 x 1024

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1600


Free Printable for June!

I just love free printables, don't you? Each month, I'll create a little something for you to download, if you so wish. Hooray! I'll try to keep it saucy & switch it up from month to month--offering prints, gift tags, labels, stationery embellishments, etc. You just never know when you might need one of these things, ya know? So, for this favorite month of June, & in honor of my attending Alt Summit NYC this week, I thought it was appropriate to work up some inspiration accordingly (keep in mind, these could make nice little gifts, too!).

Enjoy, & if you have any questions about downloading, printing, etc., just leave a comment & I'll help you out!

Click here to download


moving fast

The past few weeks have been nothing short of moving & going fast, & little room for rest. A week ago, I packed up & moved out of my apartment in Philly, planning on making big moves & changes back to Ohio, yet finishing out some projects & loose ends here in Philly. It's like I have one foot in Ohio & the other here in Philly. Some new things have come about that make me question which side to put my weight. If you know me at all, you know I've been dwelling, praying, pondering, wandering, discovering, asking, worrying, & staring at the wall trying to figure out which road to take. I feel like the past month has been like boarding a high speed train with my view on the horizon; it's there, a little blurry, a little clear, not settling, slow moving, yet going too fast, watching out for every discovery along the way to help my route along. I will miss Philly. I miss Ohio. I will miss being close to Boston & my sister & family there. I will miss the opportunities I've come to know here in Philly, but deeply miss my familiar home in Ohio.

This is where the "double p's" come into play, I suppose: patience & prayer. I think whenever we face new roads, backtracking to roads we should have been walking, or keep pressing forward to where we're meant to be, it's stressful & worrisome, yet exciting & new. I need to remember to be patient to see clear signs & feel true gut feelings to know the right path to take. What are some "stress-relieving/get a grip on reality" remedies you have found helpful when dealing with new chapters in your life? 

Let's "cheers" to new beginnings, whatever they may be (& perhaps, a little sanity)!



Desktop Calendar for June!

Here is a new desktop calendar for you to download for the lovely month of June.

Sizes to download:

1280 x 1024

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080



New Writing Style Prints added to the shop!

Hop on over to my shop to see some new "inspiring travel" prints (yellow ombre, mint ombre, & auburn)! I'm taking a stab at some new writing styles, so I hope you enjoy! 

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