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Seasonal Cakes

I normally don't blog about food, but I think I'm going to start because a.) I need to grow up & learn how to cook, & thus be inspired by blogging about it, & b.) there are just so many great food/baking/decorating ideas out there to keep to myself--I need to share them. You watch, I'll be the next Betty Crocker. No one would ever see that one coming!

With that said, I think decorating cakes like these are just so dang cute, & you could have one for Spring, Summer, Fall, &/or Winter. The extra embellishments aside from the banner flags add such a quirky & precious touch--I'm a fan of the little penguins!



New Inspiration: Informational Design

I have become a sucker for clean & simple informational design, lately--
check out my latest favorite:

Simple colors, simple lines, simple shapes, simple icons... just beautiful. I envy this poster.


Map Monday: Simply City

Too Cute! These are such a playful & creative way to display a city's to speak. I like the use of implied lines & shapes, & simple color choices--it creates the illusion that the cities aren't overwhelming & instead captures the simplicity that's sometimes hard to find amongst the chaos they can hold.

That's my little interpretation for the day, anyway.

I hope Kim doesn't stop here & creates more cities for us to enjoy!

To view her actual website, click here.


Giftology: Linen Gift Tags

So pretty & a perfect gifting embellishment!


Watercolor Postcards

I love how delicate these are--Bua does great work. If you look closely on the edges, you'll find she wrote, "From Paris Sketchbook," which I think stamps such a reality to these dreamy little paintings; they easily give you the sense of where she must've been sitting when creating them! I Love That! 


A side note: speaking of Bua's "Shakespeare & Company" postcard, I've been coming across this "Shakespeare & Company" bookstore often for some reason (jealous I haven't been), & thought I'd share a neat book gift idea I recall from Samantha Brown's Paris episode (Season 1, Episode 5, & yes I know this): Buy a book for someone there who loves to read, since it's such a famous store (if you're lucky enough to visit this store personally), take a picture of yourself holding the book while standing in front of the store, & use your photograph as the bookmark to that book you're giving away. Such a neat way to add a personal touch to the book!

Or, you could just request the "Shakespeare & Company" postcard from Bua & use that as your bookmark!


My Etsy Shop is...

It's about time my Etsy shop opened! Thanks for your emails asking when it would open; it helped keep me motivated to get this little hive up & ready! 

The whole reason I wanted to open an Etsy shop was to serve as a way for me to create art revolving around the things I love & enjoy the most; travel, illustrations, & whimsical calligraphy. & I hope you enjoy them, as well!

Here's a little abbreviated version of what's inside The Hive:

->customized vacation posters

The customized vacation map posters are my favorite listing because they're the simplest, most whimsical way to document (or "scrapbook") your vacation (it Might Also have something to do with giving me an excuse to draw maps, & we all know how they're my weakness!).

Regardless, having your vacation mapped out illustrating your favorite places, with the "legend" to serve as your "journaling" piece would be such a special keepsake & enjoyable to show off! They would make really great gifts, as well. 

My example is when I went to Paris in college. I chose about 8 memories to illustrate & map out. Once finished, I embellished the map with subtle scrapbooking elements (patterned papers, lace ribbon, vintage stamps) to place on top of the matte to add a little extra flare. You could frame & decorate your map however you prefer.

whimsical calligraphy & letterpress:

(Izze Cat not for sale. Unless you give a good price.) 

The "Travel Bird" is what's shown above, & there will be other posters revolving around the art of calligraphy & lettering...& hopefully letterpress will be a big part of displaying that art! 

Anyways, I don't want to make this post too long; I'm so excited to share what I've been up to & FINALLY relieved to have the shop open! Hopefully you all enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed creating it. It's been a long road coming up with sketches & multiple drafts, getting writer's cramps & creative blocks, & researching map styles & travel spots, but ALL definitely worth it. Everyone should open an Etsy Shop!

I'll keep you posted when I add new pieces!

Thanks for all who've helped me ACCOMPLISH this little hive! Enjoy, & let me know what you think!


New Inspiration: The Beauty of Creative Clutter...

photo via design*sponge.

OK, I'm keeping this one short, because I've got things to do! This weekend has been full of brainstorming ideas with good friends,& preparing to open my Etsy Shop (FINALLY, I KNOW. Tomorrow will be the BIG DAY, so if you want to check it out, it'll be here in T-Minus 19 hours-ish!). SO many thoughts & ideas & plans & creative awesomeness are overflowing my brain that I almost need to take a minute to just. not. think. & let the thoughts fall into place. I feel so energized & am excited for all of the [little] projects that are near the horizon.

I consumed way too much coffee, stayed up way too late, & sketched, sketched, sketched my life away this weekend. My desk (& entire apartment) looks & feels a little bit like this. In a way, as particular & organized as I am, I feel I could get used to this "cluttered" look; it screams, "I have never-ending creative inspiration, & therefore, will never, ever grow bored."



South End Buttery

I thought I should introduce to you the South End Buttery. In my opinion, it is the best place to eat in Boston. Not only because it has the best cupcakes in the world {the entire world}, but also because it has quite the dinner menu. However, if you were to walk in during the day, you would have no clue it turned into a unique dining experience by night. Description: Quaint, bright, cute, urban, & rustic.

So, without further ado, the South End Buttery, ladies & gents:


After my morning coffee & cupcake, I grabbed my sister for dinner & we went back (naturally).

This time, they closed the front of the store, & opened their downstairs "den." It had a very cozy, urban, dark, rustic vibe. I couldn't get many pictures of the interior because of the lighting, but it just means you should see for yourself!


This place is worth a special trip, whether you live in Boston or not. Because I'm sure your mouth is watering for a buttery, delicious, moist, creamy cupcake. & coffee. & dinner. & a repeat of the first 2. 

When you visit, let me know how much you loved it! & if you've been blessed to have tried it, provide your lavish praises below!



Flower Wrap

Let's take giving flowers to the next level:

Found this idea on Tokketok--such a simple way to make giving flowers even more special & personal. All she used was black paper, acrylic paint, a paint brush, & awesome handwriting. Not to mention, it's great typography! Maybe save this gifting idea for one of your typographic-nerdy friends B-)

I'm sure there are endless ways to use this idea beyond giving them to someone; party favors, farmers' market (writing each flower's name on the wrap, if you have a stand, that is), wedding decorations...

Side Note: I'm loving that dark, rustic finish on the porch (or picnic table?)! 



Flour Pot Bakery Packaging

I would make a special trip to the Flour Pot Bakery just to have one of these carry-out bags. What a clever way to market your menu--simple, sweet, & thoughtful. Way to bring back traditional cursive writing, Sara Nicely (I think her name alone could be branded with this design, as well--whatta name!)! The yellow embellishments definitely add a charming touch, too, I must say!