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Flour Pot Bakery Packaging

I would make a special trip to the Flour Pot Bakery just to have one of these carry-out bags. What a clever way to market your menu--simple, sweet, & thoughtful. Way to bring back traditional cursive writing, Sara Nicely (I think her name alone could be branded with this design, as well--whatta name!)! The yellow embellishments definitely add a charming touch, too, I must say!



Want to Attend the Anthropologie Fashion Show?

To my lovely readers:

I've been notified from Anthropologie that they're hosting an exclusive spring fashion show at their Cincinnati store this Friday evening from 7-9pm at the Kenwood Towne Center, & that I'm able to open the invitation to all of my amazing readers. HOW FUN DOES THIS SOUND? If you're in the area, PLEASE STOP BY I'd love to see you there! Just know that spaces are limited and you need to RSVP to anthroevents@anthropologie.com.

Have a FAB weekend everyone! Like I said above, if you're in the area, maybe I'll see you later this evening!


Photography: Umbrella's With Personality

Umbrellas make such interesting & beautiful compositions. Each one is different, yet when grouped together as these it can give them such life & personality; some shy & gathered together, others sweetly passing by. They're all just too cute & radiant for words. Not to mention they can make your heart pitter patter! 

With all the rain that's been going on, I think I need to upgrade my umbrella to one of these fabulous choices. 

top to bottom: 

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Some lovely kitchen things...

Such adorable ideas & additions to any kitchen worthy of something sweet. How about that cupcake liner idea? What a way to add some color!

1. 2. 3. 4. 


Warm Weather Wardrobe

Start of spring means I'm thinking about my warm-weather-wardrobe (I should've saved this post for Wednesday, & emphasize the "W"... oh well). Even though it's cloudy where I am, it's almost 70 degrees!

I love all of Lupen's photographs, they are some of the best I've seen, & that's saying a lot because there are plenty of awesome photographers floating about! I think it has something to do with the use of color & filters in the photographs-all left with such an eye-popping & colorful, yet rustic touch. Check the others here (not to mention, there's a "buy 1 get 1 free sale!").


Treasures in a MapBook. 

My European Touring Map Book arrived! I think I jumped up & down 4-5 times! I couldn't wait--it's such a perfect resource for my {upcoming} map projects... you'll see why soon!

The packaging was adorable, accompanied by a cute note from AM Radio (thank you!).

The Europa Touring book hidden in the layers of bubble wrap made it more exciting to open--such drama! {'SOLD!'<yes, that's my purchase!}

(siighh) I can still remember my happy face when I opened the first set of pages. It was a moment. Such simplicity with the design & illustration of these maps--the transit systems, monuments, street names...so much to take in (&, why yes, I am easily amused)...

Now that's a book cover design.

Where my grandma & dad are from! As a half Brit, better believe I searched for this page!

Cool, black & white design.

& you can't tell in this image, but on the top margin it reads, "if found, please return to Charlie, 1955"... Sorry Charlie, but finders keepers.

J'aime Paris

Cool brochures saved in the inside cover pockets (why don't they do this anymore?).

& check out that "Interlaken" type! I'd like to know what font that is...not quite this, but close?

How about that? An advertisement on the back of the book. I love discovering how things have changed...

In my opinion, AM Radio has some of the best vintage finds at the best prices, so definitely check them out. You might just find the perfect little treasure with your name on it. Except for Charlie. 


Art & Design: A Green Place

Pretty nifty.

At first glance, I thought to myself, "I want to visit wherever this hill is! Is it an Indian mound? Where is it..." Then, after reading about the artist & learning his process, I realized this place is non-existent; rather, digitally formed imagery to appear realistic (boy do I feel dumb). There's a step-by-step image above on how he starts from scratch to finish. You can read more about Philipp Schaerer's images & processes here, & definitely browse through the remaining "photographs." I only included this one because it is green, & I didn't want my blog to be pinched today.



Travel Discoveries

Turning the corner; Walking under the tunnel; Strolling down curvy side streets; Driving under hovering trees, all exciting anticipation of what's to come. This is one of the reasons traveling is so fun & charming, because there's always at least one time you stumble upon something that keeps you guessing, waiting to see what's next! I don't know about you, but I always crave this feeling when I visit somewhere new, or even somewhere I've always been, but never paid attention to its hidden gems. I'm not sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the sense of discovery. Somehow, when you wander & discover something new, that something somehow becomes yours--your memory, your excitement. You own it & it becomes important. This is one of the reasons it's fun to get lost sometimes, because that's when you most find those little discoveries you would have otherwise missed out on while on your mission to complete your scheduled itinerary. & who wants a dull, scheduled kind of trip? Who would rather sneak upon these tunnels, side street alleys, & canyons to discover something to give your mind something to get excited about?


discovered photos:

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Monday Necessity: Coffee

Who else needs some (by some, I mean lots of) cups of joe this morning? Who else lets a wee little hour of no sleep effect them to the equivalent of an entire night of no sleep (Are we wimps, or what?)? Who else feels like this guy on mornings you just can't quite wake up? Who else wants to lounge all day on the couch curled up in a warm blanket? Yea, since most of us can't do that, we must press on! Here's to drinking a lot of caffeine to help us make it through this sleepy Monday Morning...I might actually consume the amount of coffee cups shown above. Watch Out!

coffee credits top->bottom:

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In One Word: Love. 

All of the tsunami news has filled my brain to its capacity today, so I leave you with this print that seems very fitting for what's going on right now. John 13:34 says it all, "Love One Another." & I know it's cliche to put it like this, but the only beauty that comes of disasters such as these are the massive amounts of love & comfort we all pour out to those in need. I sometimes wish we could all be this loving & helpful all of the time & not have to realize it when disaster strikes (okay, enough of my, "I wish for World Peace" speech...) I mean, the twitter feed is out of control amazing with everyone hoping for strength & willing to help in any way. Even though this is Terrible, it brings us all together & reminds us what really matters; family, friends, & prayer.

So, I'm keeping this simple, hope you all have a good weekend, & if your family or friends live near the storm, I hope they are all okay!

Isaiah 40:29 He gives power to the weak. He increases the strength of him who has no might.