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Bird Eggs of Australia

I know I don't live in Australia. I've never even been to Australia. But in the Spirit of Easter weekend, I thought I'd educate you on the Bird Eggs of Australia by using the beautifully & whimsically designed & illustrated Bird Eggs of Australia poster:

Who knew a Black Swan egg was olive green?

My favorite egg is the Trumpet Manucode, I am also a fan of Snicker Eggs, but that's irrelevant. Sort of. 

Which is your favorite?



So French & Pink...

I took my 2nd French lesson yesterday online, & I learned the phrase,
"la fille aime le rose (the girl likes pink)." 

Thus, my post is born...

Such a contrast makes for a very interesting photograph on the first image--I love how the cheerful & chic mood remains under such melancholy, dreary conditions.

Parisian Pink Friendly images from top to bottom:

1 2 3 4 5 6



Rise Above Prints

My letterpress "Rise Above" lettering prints just came in! They turned out great, thanks to Sapling Press (you're awesome). For a closer look, check them out here.

Happy Monday!


Happy Weekend.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. I'll be spending it relaxing & with family. & it's a likely possibility I will be harmlessly torturing/humiliating my 2 cats; here's to putting my recycled paper to good use!

See you all Monday!


Lovely Lettering: Embroidery

STUNNING. I found some of these (by Maricor/Maricar) through Anthology Magazine & did some exploring of my own trying to find other embroidery awesomeness. I then came across illustrator Jillian Tamaki & her beautiful Penguin Threads finished in some of the most classic novels, The Secret Garden & Black Beauty. I was obsessed with both of these as a little girl, I wanted a horse so badly (mom, please? can I have one, now? I'll take care of her, I promise!)!

Couldn't you just stare at these all day? Who wants to count each thread with me?? Such craftmanship, it's projects like these that simply baffle me... they're so gorgeous! & the color involved is so vibrant (let's see how many more synonyms I can come up with to describe these beauties..."gorgeous, vibrant, awesome(ness), stunning.... feel free to include your own descriptive words below...these are worthy for as many "amazing" words as possible!)



Seasonal Cakes

I normally don't blog about food, but I think I'm going to start because a.) I need to grow up & learn how to cook, & thus be inspired by blogging about it, & b.) there are just so many great food/baking/decorating ideas out there to keep to myself--I need to share them. You watch, I'll be the next Betty Crocker. No one would ever see that one coming!

With that said, I think decorating cakes like these are just so dang cute, & you could have one for Spring, Summer, Fall, &/or Winter. The extra embellishments aside from the banner flags add such a quirky & precious touch--I'm a fan of the little penguins!



New Inspiration: Informational Design

I have become a sucker for clean & simple informational design, lately--
check out my latest favorite:

Simple colors, simple lines, simple shapes, simple icons... just beautiful. I envy this poster.


Map Monday: Simply City

Too Cute! These are such a playful & creative way to display a city's to speak. I like the use of implied lines & shapes, & simple color choices--it creates the illusion that the cities aren't overwhelming & instead captures the simplicity that's sometimes hard to find amongst the chaos they can hold.

That's my little interpretation for the day, anyway.

I hope Kim doesn't stop here & creates more cities for us to enjoy!

To view her actual website, click here.


Giftology: Linen Gift Tags

So pretty & a perfect gifting embellishment!


Watercolor Postcards

I love how delicate these are--Bua does great work. If you look closely on the edges, you'll find she wrote, "From Paris Sketchbook," which I think stamps such a reality to these dreamy little paintings; they easily give you the sense of where she must've been sitting when creating them! I Love That! 


A side note: speaking of Bua's "Shakespeare & Company" postcard, I've been coming across this "Shakespeare & Company" bookstore often for some reason (jealous I haven't been), & thought I'd share a neat book gift idea I recall from Samantha Brown's Paris episode (Season 1, Episode 5, & yes I know this): Buy a book for someone there who loves to read, since it's such a famous store (if you're lucky enough to visit this store personally), take a picture of yourself holding the book while standing in front of the store, & use your photograph as the bookmark to that book you're giving away. Such a neat way to add a personal touch to the book!

Or, you could just request the "Shakespeare & Company" postcard from Bua & use that as your bookmark!