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Calligraphy Workshops with Totem Supply Co.!

photo credit: Totem Supply Co.

If you're in the Ohio area, & you want to learn about calligraphy, you should come on out to my workshop with Totem Supply Co. this Thursday or Friday from 6:30-9! It will be a fun evening of food, drinks, mingling, & learning a new skill (& a lost art!). You'll bring home your own calligraphy kit so you can keep practicing, & hopefully get to writing those fancy & darling letters you've always wanted!

To register, click below for the following days:

Thursday, April 24th, 6:30-9

Friday, April 25th, 6:30-9

Hope to see you there! & if not, I will have a recap here shortly! 

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates over the next couple of months, as well!


Free Calligraphy Printable's for Easter Dinner

The Easter Bunny is coming, the Easter Bunny is coming! 

Not only is the Easter Bunny bringing sweetness, but also the sacred celebration of the true meaning of Easter. Two Bible verses seem to sum up this Lent & Easter season for me pretty well, as they're both symbolic of this special time of renewal, reflection, promise, & grace (Psalm 51:10 & John 3:16). Big words such as these hold such a humble, yet powerful meaning, & I'm grateful for they way they can change & guide us to live for the better.

To help in this lovely celebration, I thought I'd make you all a little something to hopefully pretty-up your dinner plates as a lovely reminder of this season & all we are to be thankful for.

Here is the link to download! There are 4 place cards to a page, & I would recommend using any cardstock paper. My example is kraft paper, but creams, whites, neutrals, or pastels would work just as well! Then cut out, & display away!

Enjoy, & have a beautiful Easter, darlings!


Desktop Wallpaper for April!

This month is already proving to be a really busy one for me, so as I've been pondering what this month's wallpaper should look like, I realized I needed something that made me feel relaxed, & to serve as a calm reminder to keep things simple, so here are a few painterly strokes to hopefully make you feel just that. Wallpapers are things you glance at throughout the day, so let's make it something light & airy this month, shall we?

To download, click here.

For the calendar version, click here.

For iPhone 4 & 5 wallpapers, click here or here.

Click, click, click away! Enjoy!


Calligraphy for New Old Fashioned

Hey, my calligraphy & I were in a video with cute music!

When I made a quick trip to Philly a couple of months ago, I was blessed enough to be able to be a part of a new workshop concept that is super exciting to share--New Old Fashioned! It basically revolves around the idea of holding curated workshops that bring the skills of the old, & perhaps what our generation has lost out on, & making them new in a great (& delicious) atmosphere!

Take a peek below to see some of the calligraphy elements I was able to add for their first event, Pickling with Phickle:

(for the record, I thought I would actually be making pickles...a true testimant to the grand need for workshops like this to teach the misinformed folk like myself...)

Photo & video credit to Love Me Do photography (except the bottom, right veggie photo, compliments to my iPhone!)

To follow along & to see what New Old Fashioned is up to, check out their facebook or instagram pages. & who knows, you might just see some calligraphy workshops spring up here, shortly! You Just Might!


Desktop Calendar for March!

March has arrived. Which means, Spring is upon us (supposedly). I will miss the snow. I love the season of frosted windows & tiny snowflakes in full bloom, bundling up in a blanket & warm cup of coffee. But, it's time to dust off & let the fresh air in. I must admit I'm excited to bring flowers in the house & have them last longer than 5 days! There is something motivating about the sunshine & fresh air, right? C'mon, March, let's get yourself together. & we'll get ourselves together & ready for you. & we'll all be happy & motivated campers.

To download:


Desktop Calendar

iPhone 4G | 5


Calligraphy Workshop with Totem Recap

I am excited to share with you the aftermath of a super fun & productive calligraphy worskhop! It was such a blessing & so refreshing to meet so many wonderful faces & come together in a space to learn something new. &, coming from an unbiased place, I must say everyone picked up the tricks of calligraphy quite well & left with impressive calligraphy writing skills! God blessed these ladies with sweet handwriting skills.

See below for the peeks inside the fun evening:

Last minute touches before everyone arrived.

Busy bees!

What better way to spend an evening than learning something pretty & fun to use in your own life (for name tags for your parties, envelopes, gift tags, etc.)? & enjoy good food, tastey drinks, & good company of new & old friends. I could get used to evenings likes these. Thank you, Totem for hosting a lovely evening!

With that said, stay tuned for more calligraphy workshops coming up in the Spring! & even a couple in Philly, so I'll update you all with those dates, as well!

*most photo credits to Totem with my black & white editing for the blog post


shake & celebrate…e-gift card for Anthropologie

art director on the project

When I was freelancing for Anthropologie, we had to come up with cute & quirky E-Gift card designs for the website. This was one of my designs*, & felt it fitting to share during these cold, wintry months that have us feeling like we are stuck in a snow globe, as well as on this lovely holiday. I'm pretty sure in the "E-Gift" department, if you waited until the last minute to get your sweetie pie something nice, she would not be disappointed in one of these from Anthropologie (although, do not stoop to getting her something like this)! I know I wouldn't mind!

Hope you're all sharing love & joy this weekend, & stay warm & cozy!

*Used cut circle of .75" plexi glass, pieces of paper confetti, shaped scrap paper for base, & photographed



A Lovely Sale...

Hop on over to the shop to enjoy 20% off selected love items for this lovey dovey week! Message me with any questions, & enjoy!



Desktop Calendar for February!

Happy Love Month, everyone! I hope this month can inspire you to show the true meaning of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-13), in every moment. Even the smallest acts of kindness can inspire & encourage someone more than you know, & with your good ol' ticker filled to the rim, it will inspire you just the take advantage of this month to show those important to you just how extra special they are!

To download the two desktop versions, click below:


Hearts & Calendar

Hearts for iPhone 4

Hearts for iPhone 5



Calligraphy Workshop with Totem Supply Co!

photo credit here.

Happy National Handwriting Day! Ain't no better way to celebrate than to share some exciting news: I'll be teaching my first Calligraphy Workshop with the awesome Totem Supply Co (my piece of Philly in Ohio is what I call it) here in Chillicothe. There are only 12 spots available (& I think just a few left as I type this), so sign up fast! 

You'll receive a calligraphy kit, practice paper, cute little love notes to write for Valentine's Day, & some time to enjoy great food, drinks, & mingle time!

Click here for details, & if you're in the area, hope to see you there!