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White Ink + Calligraphy

Hey, y'all! A couple of months ago, I posted over on Atly a little guide on how to a. properly use white ink with a calligraphy pen, & b. some resources & recommendations on products & brands I recommend. If you're interested in learning more, hop on over to their site for the scoop!





Well, hello, hello. Where do I even begin? Has it really been this long since I typed on this thing? This year has been full of new things, packed calligraphy workshop schedules, new wholesale adventures, a new line of products, a fun trip to California, & turning my black thumb to an almost hunter green thumb (still in the brown-ish area). I'm going to provide some updates to what this year has brought over the next couple of months, & get back to a weekly schedule next year. To start, I'll share some of the new items that are grazing my shop that may interest you in the (very exciting) upcoming season: CHRISTMAS.

Here's a few of what's new:

Just for You Letterpress Gift Tags

Oh By Gosh, By Golly Letterpress Gift Tags

Have Courage & Be Kind Blind Impression Letterpress Flat Card Sets

Hello Darling Mini Notecards Sets

Christmas Postcard Sets (Double Thick Paper)

Hope you enjoy some of these new additions & whimsies to the shop! I will be sharing some of the rest of the additions soon, but until then, hope you're all doing well & enjoying this Autumn season!





Calligraphy 'Hood Maps

Well, gee, Happy New Year! I've been busy relaxing from a great Christmas holiday for the studio--so many fun custom orders this year! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday with friends & family. Taking the tree down was my least favorite part.

To start off the new year, I wanted to share some new items listed in the shop. There are a lot of Valentine's gift wrap, mini Valentine's, & gift tags, so if you are into the lovey dovey holiday, hop on over to the shop to check them out!

However, I wanted to share with you a new Map series I'm excited about: Calligraphy 'Hood MapsI'm going to research & dive into the neighborhoods within cities (or small towns) & simply draw the streets within. I wanted a reason to celebrate & get to know all of the great small towns & unique neighborhoods in our country, & this seemed like a fun & simple way to try & do that! Each map is drawn using pencil, & the titles are written in calligraphy using liquid graphite, & edited a bit in Photoshop since it can get messy, sometimes!

I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of supporting small & local, & this series brings it to heart, so I'm excited to add to the collection! Please feel welcome to comment or message me with any local towns or neighborhoods I should keep in mind! & if you'd like a custom neighborhood/town map, you can get details here!

Enjoy, & Happy New Year! 


Calligraphy Workshop with Fern Studio

This calligraphy workshop ranks up there in the beauty department, let me tell you! Megan of Fern Studio has quite an eclectic, yet minimalistically designed space. It is simply gorgeous. Can you tell it was once a garage? If you happen upon Cincinnati, I highly recommend stopping by her space.

It was a perfect evening filled with charming people, delicious food & drink that would be found in a Sunday Suppers event (still dreaming about that mulled wine), luscious greens, bright whites, & beautiful calligraphy. A great set-up to cozy up to on a cold, Fall evening. What more do you need?

Thanks, Megan for hosting a pleasant evening in your space!


Terrain Calligraphy Workshop Recap

photo credit to Juniper & Dash.

What a beautiful space to practice such a beautiful artform! Teaching calligraphy at Terrain was a dream come true for this gal, & I'll remember & cherish it always. We were lucky enough to have the floral hanging arrangements leftover from an event the night before, so it just added to the magic of the evening. & how about that striking, Fall sunlight peeking through the windows? I'm still dreaming about it. So grateful to have met all of you who attended, & hope you're still having fun scribing & practicing with that brilliant, cobalt blue ink!

& a big thank you to Sarah from Juniper & Dash for helping--you decorated the tables beautifully (succulents are just my favorite), & the photos are perfect!


UPPERCASE Magazine Calligraphy Feature!

I am so humbled to have been featured in UPPERCASE Magazine's Issue 23! I tried my hand at some colorful ink mixes & ombre effects in my calligraphy with this submission--definitely an interesting way of writing with an artistic twist, I would say. You should give it a try if you have a calligraphy pen & colorful inks near you!

There are so many great calligraphers in this issue, as well as some killer, creative handmade crests. If I were a betting lady, I'd bet you need this issue. To get you through the hardest & most inspiring of times, teehee.

If you've never subscribed to UPPERCASE Magazine, you can use the discount code, "letterlove" to receive 15% off your yearly subscription.

Also, if you subscribe to UPPERCASE's emails, you may have noticed my submission made one of the promotional emails to go along with Issue 23, as well! I was pleasantly surprised to see it, & very grateful!

Thank you, Janine, for featuring my work, & congrats to the other great calligraphers in this issue!



A New "The Hive Studio" Website!!

I am Finally able to share something I've been brainstorming for about 2 years--a new place The Hive Studio can call home! I kind of compare it to actually buying a house; you purchase the domain (the lot), & have it sit there, empty, for some time until you fully decide what you want to build upon it. Each page; each thought; each bit of artwork goes into making it come together, & you're hopeful it all works well & stands tall. There are still some "rooms" I'll be adding as time goes on, but for now, welcome to my new e-studio!

Over time, I've collected photos & mental snapshots of all of the charming, full-of-character brick & mortar shops from my travels to Boston & New York, & living in Philly. It's always been a dream of mine to one day own my own studio shop, so for my e-studio, it felt fitting to simply make that dream become a reality in a charming, little way. I hope you enjoy exploring my online brick & mortar space!

LindseyBee will still be the place where you'll receive the most up-to-date bits of information, & general inspiration, but will be the main house.

I must say, this is starting to feel more like "me." For as long as I can remember, detailed pencil drawings have been a big source of inspiration for me, & my favorite art medium next to calligraphy. Here, I feel I could freely express that & start fresh with bringing it back full circle...back to my roots. There's something about that sketchy, messy, first thoughts of an idea that seem so authentic to me. I suppose it's symbolic to the very raw beginning of creating, perhaps. It's all so neat how the process of a thought-to a hand-to a piece of paper works together in creating. Don't you agree? Anywho, I hope you find the new site easy to use, & organized! A lot of time & heart & thought went into this, so I am happy it is finally live!

Welcome Home, The Hive Studio! It's about time! Now, time to sleep:)


Calligraphy Workshop with Terrain!

I am SO excited to share my next calligraphy workshop adventure! This coming Sunday, I'll be joining Terrain for a lovely little evening of learning the basics of writing in calligraphy. I will cover the beginning tips & tricks you need to hold your pen correctly, the pressure needed to use the pen (aka: nib & nib holder) to create ink flow, & even dive into scribing the alphabet. You'll get to take home the calligraphy kits used during the workshop so you can continue to practice at your leisure! Tickets are $25 for this workshop, as it will just be an hour and a half beginner class. I can't wait to see you all there--it's going to be wonderful!

If you're able to attend, reservations are required, so sign up through their website here.

See you Sunday!


Calligraphy for Totem's Supper + Song Series!

Supper + Song: June 21, 2014 from Kodiak Productions on Vimeo.


Here is a charming recap of the delicious evening with Totem Supply Co. for the first Supper + Song series! The food was over the moon, the wine was muy bueno, & the laughter & live music that filled the room just made the night everything. To come together under one roof & embrace the local community spirit was truly inspiring. Supporting your small & local towns is so rewarding, & makes me very grateful & feel blessed to be home to be a part of it all! Can't wait for the next one, so stay tuned if you're in the Southern Ohio/Columbus area for ticket sales for August 16th!


Desktop Calendar for July!

Okay, so you know that it's summertime & everything is green (for most of us), right? Well, I'm surrounded by farmland here about the studio, & my neighbors just finished planting soy beans, & have always felt these made for the cutest bunches. I just simply felt inspired to create a little painterly image (using a variety of green gouache paints) of what some of these fields would look like from above. I'm always inspired by the outside view from a plane & can see all of the beautiful, natural colors & patterns down below, so I'd imagine if I took one of my images of farmland from above & uploaded it to my waterlogue app, it would somewhat resemble this. Sort of.

Hope you enjoy the simplicity of this background this month--it's all about sitting back, relaxing, & taking in/being inspired by your surroundings! Cheers to sweet & green summertime!

To download, click on the options below:

for the calendar version

for the basic wallpaper version (as shown above)

for your phone