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Happy Weekend & Snow!!!

Raise your hand if you wish you lived in New England right now! I know I'm hoping for the storm to at least drop 6 inches of snow in Philly, but I have a feeling we snow lovers will be disappointed this go-around. Can you imagine stepping foot outside to 2 feet of snow greeting you? Oh the wintry wonder...maybe one of these days I'll be a part of an historic blizzard.

How are all of you New Yorkers & New Englanders preparing for this white monster? Are you the types to scurry to the grocery to stock up on bread, water, peanut butter, lanterns, & batteries? Or do you play survivor & rough the experience? When Sandy hit, I must admit, I filled my bathtub with water & had a candle lit in every room. I'd like to think it'd be cooler to rough it, but I eventually give in & enter freak-out mode.

Speaking of Sandy, you'll have to check out this pretty nifty active wind map from my Map Monday post during Sandy & see how/where the winds from the blizzard are moving!

Have a happy weekend!

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