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Map Monday: Alt Summit Map

Happy Map Monday, all!

I am back from what I shall say has been one of the most inspiring weeks I've had in a while! Alt Summit was incredible, even as a buddy who was able to go to a couple of classes! I can't imagine those of you who were able to truly attend everything--I can't wait to hopefully stand by my computer later this year when next year's tickets go on sale for the real deal!

One of my favorite things from Alt Summit was this giant cork board map--it was created to pin all of us attendees' locations via our business cards. How great to sit back & gather where everyone is located, & get a feel for what's going on within our very own map. It's interesting (& somewhat predictable) where the "hot spots" are, & then, where location isn't everything--no matter where, we all attended for the same reason(s) & there was something uniting about that, no matter our location.

I'm very passionate about travel, & believe it to be something we need in life, no matter how extravagant or simple. I think travel opens our minds & hearts, and helps us think about our everyday's in a whole new light, & can therefore transform & inspire us to better ourselves in these little, or big, ways. So, to have it so obviously displayed on this map of so many attendees willing to make this trip happen, & thus, to some degree seem to agree in this concept of travel, too, you can't expect anything less than amazing & inspiring at such an event! Agreed? What are some of your inspiring thoughts on travel?

I will dive into a more in depth "review" of my great week at Alt Summit on Friday--there's so much to process right now, that my words will sound like a million pieces of confetti exploding from a bursting box! I need to gather the confetti in a tidy box, maybe even color code it, & wrap a ribbon around it so I will make more sense. 

I hope you all have a refreshing start to your week, & that you find some ways to travel!

Reader Comments (2)

It was so nice to meet you at the round table at Alt. It was very inspiring to attend to this conference for sure! I loved the cork board too and realized how quickly my card was buried in a sea of L.A. bloggers.


January 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

It was So great to meet you, too! I wish we could have all had a longer chance to hang out at the table--so many great people! .. & yes, my card didn't last long surrounding the Philly-New York crowd! We'll just consider our business cards hidden treasures :)

February 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLindseyBee

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