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I Just Want to be a: Stylish (yet Comfortable) Traveler

You know when you're in line at the airport, & a lady/woman/girl is all decked out in Louis Vuitton, heels, & sunglasses (indoors..c'mon), looking oh so fab, & you're all like, "really?" I know I say that. How can you walk in the airport, deal with long delays, & carry your heavy luggage in heels? & sunglasses that darken your view indoors? I think I'd rather walk into a sign on purpose & fall on my face to put me out of my misery if I wore those things while traveling! So, how are we supposed to be stylish without looking like an uncomfortable, high maintenance diva?

I'm starting to scope out my closet for Alt Summit (next week!), & trying to find stylish, yet practical & comfortable things to wear for my flight & long travel day. I will not resort to my go-to sweatpants & college sweatshirt this time! I'm figuring that simple is more, & with just a little added accessory (or two or three), I will hopefully not look like a traveling slob, or a hot-messin' diva! For the cold weather I'm about to embark, I need to make a shout out to these fleece lined leggings. No words can describe their amazing comfort. 

I also searched for some pretty cool & "stylish" tech accessories that would be great to travel with--especially these earphones for those high chances you'll be sitting next to loud children on the airplane. Can we say s e r e n i t y?

Hope some of you going to Alt, or anywhere, for that matter, find these to be helpful in making you feel a little more trendy, a little less sloppy, & not at all a diva! 

Here are the fabulous items:

1Earrings from Etsy ($15), 2. Back-up Batter iPhone Pack ($32), 3. Headphones, ($36) 4. Hair Accessories, ($16), 5. Comfortable, Fleece Leggings ($18), 6. Cute Flats ($53), 7. Colorful Scarf ($36), 8. Darling Suitcase (£65), 9. Stylin' Watch ($180)


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