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6th Day of Christmas: Winter Wonderland (Wilson Phillips) Gift Tag

For this 6th day of Christmas, I am going to have to share another guilty pleasure musical number with you. It's not as cheesy as my previous guilty pleasure; rather, more "early-90s-awesome" as we call it. Since I was about 8 years old, my mom has listened to this album every Christmas, & it's become our must-have Christmas album as a family--listening to it in the background as my dad, sister & I bake, or my mom, sister & I decorate the nativity scene, or in the car on our way to Grandma's house. Wilson Phillips, people. Best lady band in all the land. Don't even try to deny the truth if "Hold On" comes on in the car you aren't singing your heart out. Lord knows I do! & Winter Wonderland, while I'm at it. The two sisters from Wilson Phillips created their own Christmas album found here. It's truly a great album (guilty pleasure aside okay?). 

Give it a little listen as you bake some scrum-dilly-umtious cookies & maybe, even possibly, gift wrapping with this very gift tag!

Gift supplies: Red pom wrapping paper (similar tutorials here if you want to make your own. I ran out of time & just went ahead & splurged on the few sheets that come with this bundle!), white fluffy wool yarn, wooden snowflake embellishment, gift tag


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