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Weekly {City} Lettering: Keweenaw Peninsula

So, I did some research to find an unsuspected, ultimate Fall destination, & I think I've found it. Even though I've never actually been there. I'm basing my studious research on pretty internet images, the fact that Matt Lauer visits to enjoy its scenic splendor, it's super colorful Fall season palette, this neat article from the New York Times, & that it's from my birth state, Michigan. It's the Keweenaw Peninsula that's the winner. Not Maine, Vermont, Napa Valley, or Washington State. Keweenaw Peninsula looks to be where it's at, people. I even provided an image for you to see for yourself just how breathtaking the landscape is with Lake Superior surrounding the perfectly paint-brushed Fall trees that looked like they're just embracing the colors of the wind (how are my adjectives, am I "painting" the picture for you, yet?)...

Those colors are so vibrant, I wouldn't be surprised if God takes His paintbrush & dabs little pops of colors daily to keep them looking so perfect. It's like a colorful tulip field, only tree tops.

Okay, enough Bob Ross words, I know. But I think I've rested my case on the Keweenaw Peninsula becoming a brand new Fall destination to travel. Especially if you're the "outdoor-sy" type. There seem to be endless activities from hiking, mountain biking, & kayaking to berry picking, bird watching, & fishing. Plus more here!

& just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the Keweenaw Peninsula is where you can see those stunning Northern Lights

Other important itineray items:

Coffee & Apple Cider to breathe in & taste the Keweenaw Fall air!

(follow them on twitter for Travel updates if you plan to take a trip!)

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