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Passport to: Salem


As many times as I've visited the New England area, I've never spent time in Salem on the scariest holiday of the year. I've always been curious how intense it would be considering any other time I visit, people still dress like witches & other creep-o "things." So, I met with my aunt, uncle, & sister, & strolled Witch City USA.


Who loves Hocus Pocus? It was actually filmed here. I'm pretty sure we spotted the Sanderson Sisters!


There are a ton of museums in Salem--the entire New England coast is rich in history, so add the attraction of the witch trials & a variety of museums are born. With that said, a lot of museums aren't exactly worth your time, unless you are a history buff (Witch House, House of Seven Gables, . I would say the following should be on your "to visit" list:

Favorite Museums

Salem Witch Museum, Salem Wax Museum, Witch Dungeon

Favorite things to do & see (not Witch related)

scenic Pickering Wharf, & Ye Olde Pepper Candy Company

Favorite Spooky Sights to see

Witch Trial Memorial, Old Burying Point Cemetery

Favorite Entertainment

The Witch Cottage at the Griffin Theatre

What's a true trip to Salem without dressing in costume?

Did everyone dress up this year for Halloween? In Salem, it's like a big Halloween costume party, & everyone is invited. It's super fun to just be who you are on the spooky day. There is quite a mix of creepy, fun, adorable, & creative among the people making the most of Salem. Most popular costume? Most definitely witches, of course.

My sister & I decided to play up the Disney idea & relate them to our lives: I went as "Hipster Alice in Wonderland" (although I am not a hipster...I'm just too cool to be hipster in real life, okay?), & Shelby went as "Thug Alice," because she's so fly. Word to

By the way, she is wearing a flamingo on her head for the croquet games, & I found some great Alice-themed temporary tattoos on Tattly. 


There are a lot of "Haunted Happenings" going on the entire month of October in Salem. You can check out their events calendar & see what may interest you (my guess is they'll still have some of these events happening year-round).  

Whatever you do, do not enter the FrankenCastle or Salem Witch Village with less than two people. You may not come out alive (cue creepy music). 


As said above, Salem has portions of it that are "hyped up," but, if you go with the mindset to just have fun & take in the spooky atmosphere, you'll leave really enjoying yourself. New England in general during the Fall season is beautiful, so add some childish fun in the mix, & it makes for the perfect setting for a great Halloween-worthy trip. 

Reader Comments (1)

How fun to be in Salem for Halloween! Great pics + absolutely love your witty hipster-twist on Alice in Wonderland. Cute cute!

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLauren O'Neill

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