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Calligraphy Workshop with Terrain!

I am SO excited to share my next calligraphy workshop adventure! This coming Sunday, I'll be joining Terrain for a lovely little evening of learning the basics of writing in calligraphy. I will cover the beginning tips & tricks you need to hold your pen correctly, the pressure needed to use the pen (aka: nib & nib holder) to create ink flow, & even dive into scribing the alphabet. You'll get to take home the calligraphy kits used during the workshop so you can continue to practice at your leisure! Tickets are $25 for this workshop, as it will just be an hour and a half beginner class. I can't wait to see you all there--it's going to be wonderful!

If you're able to attend, reservations are required, so sign up through their website here.

See you Sunday!


Calligraphy for Totem's Supper + Song Series!

Supper + Song: June 21, 2014 from Kodiak Productions on Vimeo.


Here is a charming recap of the delicious evening with Totem Supply Co. for the first Supper + Song series! The food was over the moon, the wine was muy bueno, & the laughter & live music that filled the room just made the night everything. To come together under one roof & embrace the local community spirit was truly inspiring. Supporting your small & local towns is so rewarding, & makes me very grateful & feel blessed to be home to be a part of it all! Can't wait for the next one, so stay tuned if you're in the Southern Ohio/Columbus area for ticket sales for August 16th!


Desktop Calendar for July!

Okay, so you know that it's summertime & everything is green (for most of us), right? Well, I'm surrounded by farmland here about the studio, & my neighbors just finished planting soy beans, & have always felt these made for the cutest bunches. I just simply felt inspired to create a little painterly image (using a variety of green gouache paints) of what some of these fields would look like from above. I'm always inspired by the outside view from a plane & can see all of the beautiful, natural colors & patterns down below, so I'd imagine if I took one of my images of farmland from above & uploaded it to my waterlogue app, it would somewhat resemble this. Sort of.

Hope you enjoy the simplicity of this background this month--it's all about sitting back, relaxing, & taking in/being inspired by your surroundings! Cheers to sweet & green summertime!

To download, click on the options below:

for the calendar version

for the basic wallpaper version (as shown above)

for your phone


Father/Daughter Pop-Up Shop!

If you've been following me over on Instagram, you may have seen a few posts about our Father/Daughter Pop-Up Shop happening on my Etsy shop! It's lasting from June 2-21st, & we used the scrap wood in our barn & some fallen branches in our backyard to create these unique little wooden goodies. Our plan is to keep "opening up shop" every couple of months, or so, once we restock on discovered wood scraps & fallen branches! Below are some of my favorites from our little "summer" collection:

Wooden Plant Hanger with branch...

One of a few "Workbench Combo" Sets...

Painted Succulent Wooden Platform...

Wooden Burnt Effect Coasters...

Mini Wooden Flag Stands (from a Honeysuckle Tree)...

Custom Calligraphy Wooden Key Chains...

Wooden Log Coasters (Set of 4)...

I hope you all enjoy browsing through everything! With Father's Day coming up, some of these could make great gifts for the Dad (Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, Husband, etc.) in your life! Some of those who've purchased already have mentioned Graduation gifts, too, so there you go! Some more gift ideas!

Feel free to comment below, email, or convo me with any questions about what is available, & even what you may like to see for our future Pop-Up Shops! Who knows, we may even create a permanent shop & keep the "Open" sign up everyday! Just need to think up a shop name, first...hmmm...

Thanks, y'all!


Desktop Wallpaper for June!

Is it really June? & hey, I suppose this officially marks 1 year that I've been creating desktop wallpapers! How about that! & how about this lovey-dovey, light & airy, summery quote from Shakespeare to get us in the warm & summer spirit? Ah, sweet summertime...

To download for your desktop, click here.



Calligraphy Workshops in Philly!

the new old fashioned calligraphy workshop from Amanda Jaffe on Vimeo.

Oh my, you guys. What an awesome weekend spent in Philly setting up & teaching calligraphy workshops with the wonderful New Old Fashioned ladies, & the awesome help of Sarah from Juniper & Dash. To say my heart is full is an understatement--everyone was amazing company to keep, I genuinely enjoyed just the simplicity of coming together in a space to sit, chat, eat, drink, laugh, make new friends, & learn this beautiful art of calligraphy together. I can't post all 115+ photos on this blog post, or you'll hate me. Can't have that. So, if you'd like to browse through the Friday & Saturday workshops, hop on over to Facebook to see the rest! 

To give a quick breakdown, Friday's class was Calligraphy 101 (learning about the basics of how to hold the pen, the anatomy of it & foundational knowledge to get started creating strokes to creating/developing your own alphabet), & Saturday's workshop was Event Calligraphy (still learning the basics, but later diving into using newfound skills on envelopes, table cards, & even diving into chalkboard lettering & digitizing calligraphy for logo & invitation needs).

& I can't go on without giving a gigantic shout out to the Love Me Do ladies for the amazing photography, adorable video, & AWESOME PHOTO BOOTH they were able to grace us with!

Okay, so I probably still shared a bit more than usual, so pay no mind to me. So thankful for those of you able to join us for this super calligraphy weekend event, & I will surely keep you all posted on more in Philly! & Ohio, of course! & who knows where else, hmmm...how about my favorite across-the-pond city, Rome? Just kidding! You know I don't speak Spanish!



Desktop Calendar for May!

For some of us, spreading our wings & flying from home to go where we feel called is a beautiful & inspiring thing. It helps us grow, learn, explore, & understand the world beyond our beliefs. For others, remembering to feel inspired right where we are is often a difficult thing to do; as by human nature, we are always wondering what we may be missing out on & needing to experience everything. I have certainly felt this "void" at times, especially since moving back to Ohio. But, for situations where we feel tempted to explore "elsewhere" & fill that void of "missing out," let's take this simple & Spring-y reminder that it is just as beautiful a life to bloom where we are planted. 

Happy May, everyone, & if you'd like to download this image for your desktop, click below:

Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Calendar


Calligraphy Workshops with Totem Supply Co.!

photo credit: Totem Supply Co.

If you're in the Ohio area, & you want to learn about calligraphy, you should come on out to my workshop with Totem Supply Co. this Thursday or Friday from 6:30-9! It will be a fun evening of food, drinks, mingling, & learning a new skill (& a lost art!). You'll bring home your own calligraphy kit so you can keep practicing, & hopefully get to writing those fancy & darling letters you've always wanted!

To register, click below for the following days:

Thursday, April 24th, 6:30-9

Friday, April 25th, 6:30-9

Hope to see you there! & if not, I will have a recap here shortly! 

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates over the next couple of months, as well!


Free Calligraphy Printable's for Easter Dinner

The Easter Bunny is coming, the Easter Bunny is coming! 

Not only is the Easter Bunny bringing sweetness, but also the sacred celebration of the true meaning of Easter. Two Bible verses seem to sum up this Lent & Easter season for me pretty well, as they're both symbolic of this special time of renewal, reflection, promise, & grace (Psalm 51:10 & John 3:16). Big words such as these hold such a humble, yet powerful meaning, & I'm grateful for they way they can change & guide us to live for the better.

To help in this lovely celebration, I thought I'd make you all a little something to hopefully pretty-up your dinner plates as a lovely reminder of this season & all we are to be thankful for.

Here is the link to download! There are 4 place cards to a page, & I would recommend using any cardstock paper. My example is kraft paper, but creams, whites, neutrals, or pastels would work just as well! Then cut out, & display away!

Enjoy, & have a beautiful Easter, darlings!


Desktop Wallpaper for April!

This month is already proving to be a really busy one for me, so as I've been pondering what this month's wallpaper should look like, I realized I needed something that made me feel relaxed, & to serve as a calm reminder to keep things simple, so here are a few painterly strokes to hopefully make you feel just that. Wallpapers are things you glance at throughout the day, so let's make it something light & airy this month, shall we?

To download, click here.

For the calendar version, click here.

For iPhone 4 & 5 wallpapers, click here or here.

Click, click, click away! Enjoy!